Saturday, 25 August 2012

Assessment Day

So, the lovely Assessment day was held at Protea Hotel in Sandton, on 7 July 2012.

It was a very long day! We were about 79 girls which were invited for the Assessment day, which was conducted by 2 Emirates Recruiters.
(one blonde from Russia and the other one was brunette from Lebanon)

We were all divided into groups of 12-15.

The day started off by watching videos about Emirates and then the two ladies gave us some basic info about Emirates Airline and also about Dubai.
While I was sitting there, I looked around me and thought by myself: how in the world am I going to make it through to the next round, let alone the whole day. There were many pretty girls and you know that Emirates will only select the very best.

But, then I was in for a big surprise as the day continued :)

The next step after the information hour was that they would call each group separately and then we would be called one by one to introduce ourselves to the recruiter and then we would have to do the arm reach test.
You need to be able to reach 212cm (allowed to stand on your toes but with no shoes on)
After the arm reach test, you sit down and the lady will ask you a few basic questions about yourself. I was asked: "What do you like to do in your spare time" and they also ask about tattoos and scars.
So it's just to try get to know who you are...

After she saw the whole group, the lady would come stand outside of the circle and you would have to stand up, introduce yourself to the group and then you have to introduce the person on your left and also tell the group about the person's favourite holiday destination.
After each one has had the chance to talk, you wait 2 minutes and then they tell you to stand up and then as you walk out, you get handed a little folded letter - when you open it, it would tell you if you made it through to the next assessment round.
Nothing felt better than opening that small piece of paper and saw that I made it through to the next elimination round!!!

Then you wait, sometimes up to more than an hour... and then the group gets called back in for the next round. The second round was team work - we were given a scenario and then had to decide amongst the group what we would do in that specific situation. Here they basically check everyone to see whether or not you will be able to work well in a group.
Try to not be bossy, or talk too much, as they do NOT like that. The one girl in our group was trying to take the lead and was talking above everyone else, and she was eliminated. She obviously had a lot of confidence (which isn't a bad thing, as they do look for that in a person), however, you should never have too much confidence.

Then, the third round was an English test (if your first language is not English) - about an hour long... not bad at all, it's very basic English. Then they mark the tests and then you get called back in and that's when we were told that all of us made it through to the Final Interview, which would be conducted the next day. By then, it was 8pm at night, and we were all very tired as the day begun at 8:30am
We were a total of 22 girls who made it through to Final Interview. So here I was, one girl out of a total of 450 girls (total at the beginning of the Open Day which was held on the 30th of June) who made it though to Final Interview. It was such a great moment and a personal achievement for me! My family and friends were so proud of me as was the love of my life :)

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